Friday, 15 August 2014

Another star in the sky.

This week John is joined by another friend and the world mourns the loss of Robin Williams.

A horrific reminder that everybody hurts, we have no idea what others go through and that we should be kind, always.

Robin and John had a lot in common. They were good friends, hilariously funny, brought such joy to the world and left us way too soon.

It is always such a shock when those so full of life can be conquered by death.

RIP Robin, I know John will be thrilled to see you.

Much love and thanks for all the laughs
Tracey x


  1. So true. Often, beneath the happy veneer, is a damaged soul. So tragic. Some people are just too good for the world.

  2. They are like angels Jonny O, they come down here and make everyone else feel good, I just wish they could give themselves the same love, care and attention. x