Tuesday, 3 March 2015

21 years on

John Candy 31.10.50-4.3.94 
If you added up every waking hour and everything he achieved, John Candy lived the life of an eighty year old.

One of the early interviews I did for the book was with Second City Alumni, Dave Thomas. Dave told me he had a conversation with Dan Aykroyd at John's funeral, where they discussed exactly that. John lived a lot; he worked a lot, went out a lot, stayed up a lot, ate a lot, laughed a lot, loved a lot. He lived his life, a lot.

On a day like today when we realise John left us 21 years ago, this thought always gives me a lot of comfort. Yes we would still love him to be here, we miss him and he had a lot more to give us. However, he lived life like we all should. John did not waste a second. As Peter Kaminsky said to me, "John consumed the world".

Go out and do something nice today. Go follow a dream or help  someone else achieve theirs. Go watch one of John's movies and marvel at his gift to us.

My love goes out to John's family and friends and all those that miss him. My thanks, as always, goes to John.

Raising my Orange Whip

Tracey x

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  1. I met John one night in Campbell River BC in the summer of 86, he was doing a fishing show. He was with a hockey player named Tiger Williams. I ended up partying with him all night till morning. a very fun memorable night.He gave me his personal number and promised to help me out with a job when he got back to LA. I was so drunk in the morning I left his number and autograph and a beer to go in the back of the cab. I wish I would of known someone was writing a book, that night was epic! There was people taking pictures all night,someone has them out there! We were having such a good time singing songs that everyone thought I was with his crew...good times, Martin