Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Do what you love...

"Everyone is given a gift. It takes different forms, some are never realised and fortunately mine was"
John Candy

I have learnt in life that if you are on the right path things tend to flow more easily. If somewhere along the way you end up on the wrong one then life has a way of kicking you again and again, until you get back on the road you are meant to be travelling down. I have been given a bit of a kicking recently and I am listening.

I always admire John when I look at his work ethic, he has always worked from a young teen, whether it be in a department store or as a salesman before he took on a professional career as an actor.

In 1971 John had a lightbulb moment that would help his career forever.

He was working as a salesman for Kleenex, he got fired as there were around forty salesman in the company and in the sales league John was number forty. When his boss fired him he made a remark that would stick with John,  he said he never should have hired a damn actor. Boom! No one had ever called John an actor before, he was thrilled and from then on he would only take acting jobs, even if they paid a pittance he found a way.

John lived by do what you love and if you don't love your job then change it.