Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Birthday Mr Candy x

Happy Birthday Mr Candy! So another year has passed and today you would have been 64. 

It is so very hard not to write a similar blog post to last year as every word still stands, if not more so. (If you didn't read last years, here it is )

John, you live on, not just in your body of work but in your family, friends, colleagues and fans.

So to all of your fans I ask this, do something to honour Mr Candy today; watch one of his films, love a little more, laugh a little harder, help someone who needs it and also someone who doesn't, tip a little larger, raise a glass and be kind, always. John can be kept alive in so many ways, not just by remembering him as the comedy luminary and great actor that he was, but by also taking inspiration from his work and life ethic.

Hopefully John by your next birthday the book will be out and I will have done you proud.

Know you are loved and missed by so many,

With love and gratitude always

Tracey x

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