Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Surgery, Gene and Some Stuff Inbetween

I was so sad to hear Gene Wilder passed away on Monday. Similar to the way I feel about John, I always felt connected to Gene, he was such a big part of my childhood and he was just one of those people that you knew had such heart. He was magic and like John, he always managed to bleed a little of himself into every character.

I researched Gene a couple of years ago, I have mentioned before that by learning about John I had to learn about a lot of other people, one of whom was the wonderful Gilda Radner. (If you don't know anything about Gilda she was one of a kind, please go and watch her work, read her story and share her legacy.) Gilda, of course, led me to Gene as she was his third wife. I researched Gilda to learn about her life and hopefully find out about her friendship with John. I contemplated trying to contact Gene for an interview as I was sure he would be able to tell me a few John and Gilda stories. I chickened out, I really wish I hadn't.

During this time I read Gene's Autobiography "Kiss Me Like A Stranger" and I just fell in love with him. It's a must read for any fan, he is sweet, kind, clever and does not try to hide his flaws.

My fear when any celebrity and all round 'good egg' passes away, is that some authors tend to jump onto a biography bandwagon straight away - totally fine if you are a lifelong fan, you are going to take your time, research every angle, interview people (please let them grieve first), but there will be some books written in a matter of weeks of regurgitated material looking to make a quick buck. For now. please go and read his own words, another biography is justified - just not yet.

Rest in peace Gene, I know Gilda in particular is going to be over the moon to see you. My heart goes out to your wife for the last twenty five years, Karen Boyer, your friends and family. Eighty three is a wonderful age, you brought so much happiness and laughter to this world and just like John you will never really die.


In other news I have finally had surgery (ten days ago to be exact), a bigger job than they thought I was on the table for three hours! It took two years to get to this point but I am now on the mend and apart from post op pain, I am for the first time in a long time - chronic pain free. Great news for me and it means now much life can continue and focus fully on the book as opposed to fighting my own body on a daily basis (which I have been doing for the past year). I really appreciate all your patience through this rough time, you have all been nothing but supportive and I can't thank you enough. I'm now looking forward to finishing "Searching for Candy" and getting it out this year.

Hope you are all doing really well!

Lots of love to you as always
Tracey xx

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