Sunday, 14 July 2013

Two years after I started...

So for the last two years I have been writing a book, more specifically a biography about the mighty John Candy. I am still researching, interviewing and tapping away but my brother suggested I should start a blog about it, so here I am.

So why John Candy? I suffer from really bad depression. A couple of years ago it was affecting me really badly and in an attempt to take me to a happier place I started to watch films that I grew up with. Splash, Uncle Buck, Brewster's Millions... not only did it make me regress to a much nicer time it reminded me of my love for John Candy. I have always been a massive fan but knew very little about him. Thirsty to find out more about I scoured the internet for books written about him, there is in fact only one. I read the book in a day, as a fan it wasn't what I wanted - I won't go into that now though. I could not believe that this was it! There are great articles and fan sites, but surely he deserves more? So I got a crazy notion that maybe I could write the book?

I remember reading a piece by my friend Joe Shooman, he said he realised he could be a writer when he was on a plane reading an article someone had written, someone - a person. Joe was a person too, therefore why couldn't he write? and of course, he could! This gave me a similar realisation.

Making this decision felt like a calling from JC himself (just not the one most people expect!). It took me about a year for anyone to take me seriously. Now I am about 40,000 words in and have interviewed the likes of Dave Thomas, Valri Bromfield, Lonette McKee, Rawle D Lewis and Carl Reiner.

So that was a brief introduction. I am hoping to share snippets of the interviews I have conducted, keep this as a record of my journey and hopefully get some feedback.

One thing I do know, so far this process has been a joy.

John Candy is everything I wanted him to be and more. 


  1. Good start, in world record time too :)

  2. I found your description of how you came into writing the book fascinating and very touching. I don't suffer from depression, but I can empathise with your situation and totally identify with how you dealt with it. In the last few months my life seems to have changed beyond all recognition and I have been doing the same; watching feel-good stuff that often conjures up happy memories. It really does work! While I look forward to reading your book, I'm also looking forward to following this blog - as an avid diary writer from my early teens until I was about 25 - I'm always interested to see what others have blogged! (I think I'll go back to keeping the paper variety myself though). Good luck with writing the book. I'm sure it will be fantastic :)

  3. Hi Eddie, thanks so much for your kind words they mean a lot :) it is also nice to know someone is reading this! I am so sorry to hear life ha changed for you recently, things do get better, are you doing ok? I am new to this blogging malarkey but reading others is addictive, would you not start an electronic version instead of a paper one? Many thanks again, Tracey x

  4. You're more than welcome Tracey. What you wrote just struck a chord with me and compelled me to comment. I am also full of admiration that you just decided to write a book like this, it takes real determination (as your latest blog shows). Then I thought twice about it and deleted what I wrote on a couple of occasions but then went with it whatever! Yes, I'm doing OK thanks, not all of the changes have been negative, one has been extremely positive but still a huge life change. I'm thinking about an electronic version of my diary but I don't know, I have a bit of a thing for stationary and bought a very nice (half-price!)book from Smiths recently that would be ideal to write in! ;) We'll see eh?!
    Take care and keep writing and blogging. x