Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dear John...

Dear John

Today is your birthday, you would have been 63.

As I sit at my computer and look around the social media sites I wonder if you ever imagined that so many people would be missing you and remembering you today?

Tonight I am unsure which of your movies to watch. Planes, Trains is some of your finest work, Cool Runnings never fails to cheer me and make me more determined and Uncle Buck is just a classic. But I might have to go with Only The Lonely as your old friends Jonathan O'Mara and Charlie Northcote tell me this was the truest to life character you played. Whatever film I watch I know that you will make me laugh and cry and reaffirm exactly why I am writing this book about you.

Thank you for making me laugh, for giving me hope and for being everything I wanted you to be and more. Unknowingly you have helped me cope with a terrible bout of depression and have given me focus in my life.  I have been blessed to speak to so many of your friends, co-stars and crew, they have been so generous with their time and memories, they have bent over backwards to help me and it's down to their love for you.

I wonder how you would have spent your birthday today? whether you would be working? Mariel Hemingway was only telling me last week that you were always the first on set and the last to leave, you were like a big kid that couldn't miss a thing. Or whether you would be with your family that you loved so dearly, I know you doted on them and worked so hard to make sure you could look after them when you were no longer around. Either way I know you would be celebrating in style, from what I have been told you were the perfect host and so much fun, everyone just wanted to be with you.

So Happy Birthday dear John, you will be 43 forever - living in the hearts of so many as well as the legacy you left. Celebrate wherever you are and have an orange whip on me.

Much love to you and all that miss you,

(A very grateful)
Tracey x