Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Nearly there!

Hey everyone

Well, guess what? I am nearly there with the book, like seriously! I know, I wasn't sure I would get there in the end either. I have a great editor on board, Joe Shooman (go check out his work) and some great proof readers. I am on deadline at the moment and I'm going to Toronto in April to see first hand some of the places John would have hung out and get some pictures for the book! I am so excited about that I can't tell you! I'm planning to do some vlogs from Toronto too - so keep your peepers peeled for those.

Still work to do though, hence the short blog post, but thought I would let you know where I was up to.

I recently commissioned Craig McKay to do this amazing sketch of John for the book (top left), you can check out his work here.

I also commissioned my friend, who goes under the name of Odandiee, to do an illustration of myself and John, purely because I hate all pictures of myself and I needed one for the author section of the book. Along with Gary's (Horse) artwork for the cover I am thrilled with how it's going to look, I'm so lucky to know such talented people. I am also seriously lucky to have been given permission for several photos for the book from some of John's friends and colleagues, I just hope I don't let everyone down with the writing!

Thanks for all your support and patience, let's keep on keeping on,

Tracey xxxx