Sunday, 7 February 2016

Popcorn With Candy

So my last blog talked about people supporting each other and how the SCTV crew elevated each other every chance they had. I am so lucky to have people around me that support and plug me when they can. In a slightly different angle for the blog (and because they were so kind to have me on their podcast) I thought I would throw Popcorn With Candy’s Octopus/Caveman and Peter some questions so you could learn a little bit more about their show:

So tell me what Popcorn With Candy is?
P: Popcorn With Candy is a chance for my brother and I to work together on something bigger than ourselves.

O/C: Popcorn With Candy is a show where we discuss the films of the late great John Candy.

Who came up with the idea?
P: O/C has been talking about doing a couple of podcasts for a few years and I have told him that I would help, just because his Ideas are great. But we were talking and the idea put itself together.

O/C: I had been interested in podcasting for some time. It started in such a blur. We both sort of dove into it. I remember a few episodes in, asking Peter “How did we start this?” I do remember Peter telling me about a similar show about another actor, I listened, thought it sucked and told him “We can do better.”

Why John?
P: We love John and his movies. We have always had a strong connection with Uncle Buck, Delirious, Only The Lonely and Spaceballs. It was more like John came up in conversation and we looked at each other and said "That's the Podcast!"

O/C: The choice to go with John I think, came from a Facebook post where I said “I miss John Candy” it had one like and one comment, both from Peter and he said “You and me both brother.” The choice was clear.

How far in are you?
P: We just finished our 12th movie (National Lampoons Vacation) and just posted our 12th podcast (Heavy Metal). We are looking at his Film Career, avoiding most TV Movies. We have a couple in the list that were TV movies but those are there for good reason. The list is currently 41 movies long.

O/C: 12 Episodes so far. We’re finally past some of the weird 70’s movies John was in. From here on out it’s all gold.

Which has been your most enjoyable episode so far?
P: I think Stripes is my favorite so far. I love that movie and it was so easy to talk about it. We both had a lot of fun talking about it and I also really enjoyed listening to it later.

O/C: This is an interesting question for me. I loved Lost and Found, not the episode so much as discovering this hidden gem of a movie. The biggest laugh out of me had to be the “hut hut cops” from Blues Brothers. I’ll have to go Blues Brothers as my favorite episode.

Favorite Candy movie?
P: I love Uncle Buck, it just resonates with me. I have a lot of trouble leaving it at that because one of my favorite movies is Little Shop of Horrors. John’s role in that is so small that I wouldn't call it a John Candy movie if we weren't doing this podcast.

O/C: Delirious. No Contest. I love that movie so much.

Is there anything you have learnt from John doing this process?
P: I knew going into this that he didn't like the fat jokes. Watching him in his early career, I realized that he would do anything to please the people around him. He made everyone so happy by sacrificing himself constantly.

O/C: Learning about John, I feel like I want to try and be a better person. Sorry to get deep here but he, by all accounts, was such a sweet guy. He motivates me to want to be better.

Please tell me you aren’t stopping with Candy? Who is next?
P: This has been too fun to stop yet, but we aren't even half way done yet. We are pretty sure we are continuing with someone else, but we aren't sure who. We have a short list, and one name stands out, but we haven't decided yet.

O/C: I’m really pushing to do Popcorn With Abe Vigotta after John. 

You can listen to Peter and Octopus/Caveman here Popcorn With Candy and there is even an interview with myself (thanks so much guys). You can also follow them on twitter @popcorn_with They are so much fun, huge John Candy fans and it's a great show so make sure you check them out. 

Lots of love and thanks as always 
Trace xx