Wednesday, 4 February 2015

They can kill you but they can't eat you

So recently, in terms of publishing I have decided I will self publish (unless of course a like minded publisher rears their head).

I have been told many times that John Candy is wonderful, my book will be wonderful, but unfortunately John's life is just not scandalous enough and he doesn't have a big enough following.

John Candy was one of the nicest people in Hollywood and so talented to boot! It makes me wonder when we live in a world where anyone can become a celebrity, regardless of talent, by being scandalous and outrageous, what type of message are we sending to our kids? What happened to working hard, having talent and being appreciated for that? I know some bona fide celebrities still
exist (thank God) but they seem to be getting out numbered by larger mouthed, clever, PR savvy reality stars. Please don't get me wrong, all power to them, some of them do a lot of good work and hell they are making more money than I ever will.

I am just disappointed the world would rather focus on scandal, than the life of someone who touched so many and produced such a body of work and legacy.

John took many chances in his career, he would help people out, mentor them, he was kind and gave his time to many. If you can, please help me get his biography out there.

If you would be interested in reading my work about John Candy please consider pre-ordering an advance copy so I can fund physical copies. If I don't raise the money I need by 1st March I will go back to the drawing board, I won't give up. The link is If you can't afford to pledge you can still help by sharing the link, or consider contributing £1, every little helps.

Likewise if you see someone that has a dream you believe in, please support them. Kindness is magic and we need so much more of that in the world.

For all those having a similar struggle to myself just keep going and if nothing else tenacity will get us to where we want to go. Remember 'they can kill you but they can't eat you'... which incidentally is the title of the late Dawn Steel's book which taught me one of the most important lessons. If you can't get through the front door, go through the back door. Can't get through there then go through the window or down the chimney. Just keep going and you will find away. Dawn actually worked with John  when she produced 'Cool Runnings'. It was via her book that Ken Tipton found John Candy and asked him to be his mentor. Of course John, being John, obliged... but more about that later.

Much love to you all and thanks so much for your support
Tracey x