Sunday, 14 April 2019

Floating through space

Hi everyone,

As you probably already know I have finally released the book! Phew! Well I had a sigh of relief and two minutes of pride, then I turned into the biggest ball of anxiety. Would anyone buy the book? Would anyone like it? Would John like it if he could read it? Argh! So I stopped writing blog posts and just worried instead.

I figured I needed to break that habit, so here I am.

So far the book has done OK, I've sold some, I've had some lovely reviews, I've had the odd one that wasn't so great and that's OK too.

I think my biggest thrill has been John's friends and colleagues Rob Salem, Juul Haalymeyer and Jonathan O'Mara telling me that I portrayed John well -  the love shined through and that means everything.

I've been lucky enough to talk to some great people about the book, including Jim Hawkins (listen here), Mark Woodyatt (listen to the Mark and Me podcast here), been interviewed by Liam Pritchard (read here) and featured on the Franky Slawson show (you can check him out here).

I did a lovely book launch at Shrewsbury Library (thanks to all who came, and to the library for accommodating me).

Press wise I then got stuck. It's like I'm waving at people and no one can see! I'm a nobody, I get that, the competition out there is fierce, but John, John is very much a somebody and he deserves more - so on that front I feel like I'm failing.

So here is my plea. If you can share or RT or spread the word in some way please do. If you work in journalism, you blog, have a podcast, a radio show and would like to chat about the book or review it please get in touch.

Meantime I'm working on a second edition that should hopefully be released next year with even more stories and interviews, if you read this and you have a John Candy story you would love to share please get in touch with me! I also have another book I'm planning - if you love John I'm pretty sure you will also love my next subject, but it's going to take some money, so I'm saving for that one at the moment.

I guess all that is left for now is to say how much I appreciate everyone who has supported me so far, it means the world and I am so very grateful.

If you would like to grab the book you can find it here Amazon Canada, Amazon USA, Amazon UK and anywhere else you can get Amazon, just check your national site!

Big thanks and love to you all, I promise to write soon (maybe with an unpublished story from my interviews about John!)

Tracey xx