Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dear John (2017)

Dear John, 

well 4th March has rolled around again, 23 years since you left us and yet, you are still as present as ever. 

Ottawa has just made 12th February officially 'John Candy day', Bill Murray is still mentioning you in his acceptance speeches, there are nods to you in the latest Ghostbusters movie, a podcast called 'Popcorn with Candy' (a dedicated show going through each of your films in chronological order), the internet is a constant hive of articles remembering you or talking about one of your characters or movies, and your kids... well your kids must make you so proud. Every time one of your old classics is replayed on the TV, one only has to take to Twitter to see how much the world still misses and loves you. Facebook pages and groups such as American Light and Fixture - Shower Curtain Ring Division, dedicated website, people sharing their own memories, I could go on. 

The book, well I have to apologise, last year (and the year before), was pretty damn shitty. Chronic illness, among other things, makes everything go slower, however two surgeries later my power is creeping back up and although I am running on around 50-70% most of the time, I can live and function with that. 

Once again John you have got me through a very dark time.  Before each surgery I instructed my boyfriend, Rhys, that if anything happened he was to find the means to get the book finished and released - that was the most important thing. I believe my first words to the nurse as I came round morphine drugged was "Do you like John Candy?, I'm writing a book about him", before I drifted off again, so you and the book have been constantly on my mind. Well I'm working on finishing the book right now, whilst editing I noticed it was a little light on your heritage, so I have gone down a rabbit hole and I'm presently in England, 1801.  I won't go that far back in the book, but to see where you have come from is fascinating. 

So John, I am sending my love to you, your family, friends and fans, and today I will celebrate your everlasting life. You Sir, are the real article. 

Love and thanks as always, 
A very grateful, 

Tracey x