Sunday, 21 September 2014

Things you may or may not know about John Candy: Part Two

The last one I did of these proved more popular than any of my other blog posts, so I thought you might like a part two.

1. In his early days John had a writing partner, Lorne Frohman. They had an office on Young Street, Toronto, which was above a strip club. Needless to say they didn't make it as far as the office most days.

2. John may have been heavy set but he was physically very strong. He once picked up Dan Aykroyd and Dave Thomas (one on each shoulder) and was spinning them around in the air as part of a sketch. He also broke one of Martin Short's ribs doing similar physical comedy.

3. Once at a party John kept Chevy Chase in a headlock for two hours, even with Chevy protesting that it wasn't funny any more, it did not stop him. At that very same party John met Steven Spielberg and told him that he 'liked his movie about the fish', he made an impression on Spielberg and shortly after got a part in 1941.

4. He was hurt an awful lot and due to his extremely kind nature people would take advantage. John was driving home from work one day and sitting at a light, his arm out of the window when a man approached him and asked 'are you John Candy?' when John smiled and nodded the man pulled a gun out on him and demanded he gave him his watch. John was devastated, not because of the watch but mainly because he blamed himself for being too gullible and trusting.

5. In 1985 John was voted one of the top ten sexiest men in America by Playgirl magazine.

There you go, just  a few more facts. This week I have been marvelling at just how much work I have done on this book. I was then hit with a realisation of how much more I have to do. Bitter sweet really as I don't want this project to end. 

Hope you are all well and thanks for your support,

Tracey xx