Monday, 31 October 2016

You should have seen the toast, I couldn't even get it through the door!

Dear John,

Today would have been your 66th birthday, Halloween! I wonder which you would have celebrated more? I am guessing whichever made other people happier (that would be so typical of you).

I'm nearly there with the book. I had major surgery a couple of months ago (three hours on the theatre table) and after 18 months of real suffering I am feeling much better and so now my tribute to you will get finished.

I know wherever you are, you are so proud of your family. Everyone still misses you and can't believe you are really gone, probably because you are still very much with us and always will be.

I usually have a hard time deciding which of your movies to watch on this day, but I think with all the challenges I have had I need a life affirming "you can do anything" movie so tonight it will be Cool Runnings.

My day will be spent writing, if you can spare a second to dip out of the party please come look over my shoulder, make sure I'm getting it right.

Happy Birthday Mr Candy! You are remembered everyday.

With love to you and yours,

Trace xx