Thursday, 24 December 2015

It's just not Christmas without Candy

I love this time of year, I love Christmas and the feeling it brings. I used to work twelve hour shifts alone on Christmas Day and it would surprise me every year how I could feel Christmas in the air, it was palpable, even though I was on my own. There is a universal goodwill that effects everything. It's like the scene in Ghostbusters 2 where everyone is singing 'Higher and Higher' after the Ghostbusters have goo'ed the Statue of Liberty to combat negativity, it's contagious.

I am aware that Christmas isn't always like this for everyone and if that is you please know that you aren't alone, this too shall pass and things can change in a blink. Keep hope, don't give up (I have had a few like that myself too).

But ultimately for me, Christmas isn't Christmas without some re runs of John Candy films. Just this week all over social media people have been commenting about Home Alone, Uncle Buck, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Cool Runnings, all the classics. People really miss John and marvel (especially at this time of year) just how awesome he is.

There have been some amusing theories recently about John Candy's character in Home Alone, Gus Polinski (Polka King of the Midwest), actually being the devil. When Catherine O'Hara's character, Kate, says to the airport clerk at Scranton Airport (right by the crossroads - a popular place to summon Satan) that she would literally sell her soul to the devil to get home - Gus intervenes to offer her help. He also mentions in the van/clarinet scene how he once left a child in a funeral parlor. Plus he plays the clarinet - a woodwind instrument (woodwind being favored by the devil). This is backed up with thoughts of Del Griffith also being the devil trying to make Neil Paige late home for Thanksgiving in PTA - in the scene where Del is driving the wrong way and they have a near miss with two lorries, he literally turns into the devil for a few seconds.

By the way my head had to think about these theories but my heart still says no.  Although I think both Candy and Hughes would be amused that their work is still being talked about today (and they would probably give some ambiguous comment to keep it fun), in my eyes John Candy was nothing but an angel, a sweet funny one at that.

Watching Uncle Buck is a must for me every year, OK it isn't a Christmas film, but to me it represents everything Christmas is about. Love, fun, family and cooking up garbage. I get goosebumps from the title music alone and by the end I am always in tears. It should be compulsory for everyone to have their very own Uncle Buck.

So make sure (if you haven't yet already) that you tell someone you love them, look out for each other, help someone who needs it and watch a Candy movie.

If you need some last minute help with Christmas prep check out SCTV's Pre-Teen World Christmas Special Pre-Teen World Christmas

Thanks for all your support as always and a Merry Schmenge Christmas to you all!

See you on the other side,

Lots of love
Tracey xx

PS During the holidays do yourself a favor and make sure you have a listen to Popcorn With Candy. It's a great podcast from Octopus/Caveman and Peter, who are going through the films of John Candy one at a time