Friday, 1 May 2015

"Whoever said nothing is impossible obviously hasn't tried nailing Jell-O to a tree."

So Del Griffith was wrong. OK you might not be able to nail Jell-O to a tree but you can stick it up there another way. Glue? Sticky tape? Special Jell-O holder?

I have crowd-funded the money I need to self publish the book! Would you believe it? It was rough going for a while, first campaign didn't make it. However, if at first you don't succeed, reduce the print run, change the paper, lower your budget and try again. Campaign number two has finished today and I am 109% funded!

I need to thank everyone who pledged, shared and supported a million times over, it is like a dream come true and all feels a little surreal.

This has been a work in progress over the last four years but I feel the hard work starts right now, I no longer have to just worry about doing a good job for John,  but now for all of those people who believed in me too. When I interviewed Malik Yoba (Cool Runnings) for the book he said that it should be about more than John Candy, it is about reaching out to people and them helping, being knocked down and getting back up.

John was all about dreams and making them a reality, he did it for himself, he did it for others and now I feel like he is doing if for me.

Much love and thanks go to the following for pledging; 
Ellen Green, Jason Freer, Louise Walford, Kris Abrams, Mike Mangone, Kathryn Rowe, Allen Ward, Kristian Haring, Sarah Hayes, Millie de Leeuw, Rene Riva, Mike Harper Lee, Andy Scott, Michael Beard, Helen Martland, Rebecca Hindle, Amy Tuitt, Sorrell Norfolk, Kerri Jackson, Matt James, Aaron Russell MacKenzie Nagy, Joe Kroger, William Worthern, Sophie Archard, Randy Willett, Laura Miller, Matt Clarke, Martin Gordon, Bob and Liz Morgan, Andrew Daley, Holly and Kris Keogh Jones, Andy Cresswell, Chris Davies, Anonymous, Erica Shaw, Karen Booth, Steve Oliver, Jeanette Lucas, Anonymous, Anonymous, Jon Evans, Harrison Scott, Isac Nordgren, Gareth Jones, Eve Morton,Toni Oliver, Simon Morris, Shaun Tomkiss, Simon Whittaker, Jeff Shelan, David Evans, Claire Thompson, Moneygunn, Philippa Kitchen, Lyons and Tigers, Carole Morgan and Richard Bailey, Mark Corbett, Michele Knight, Neil and Emma Byrne, Alex Hall, Anonymous, Mistermantis7, Lisa Williams, Catherine Williamson, Ben Davies, Max Ludwig, Lynette Howell Taylor, Sue Jones, Colin Creed, Kelly Shackleton, Jo Fisher, Anonymous, James Kelly, Mimusiku, Dave Taylor, Russ Beech, Aidy Spillet, Paul Rafferty, Nellie Saunders, Anonymous, Damian McGarrigle, Marc Jones, Chris L, Deb Bolger, Oran Woody, Jennifer Whitfield, Nicholas Holroyd, Sarah Carr, Ben Ohmart, Charlotte Davies, James Watt, Chris Williams, Rosie Greaves, Anita Cash, Robert Whiteley, Alice Sweeting, Helen Hollingdale, Anonymous, Stu Pickering, Jason Weiss, Jeanette Lucas, Robin Lomas, Darren Taylor, Miriam Sanchi, Jon Raffe, Chris Ball, Juul Haalmeyer, John Brown Jr, Janet Elvidge, Steve Jones, Jame Olines, Rebecca Davies, Allan O'Marra, Ella Steel, Glen Lovelock, Olga Rorke, Anonymous, Tim Aldred, Emma Steele, Rob Salem, Katie Jennings, Sarah Wellstead, Elle and Elliot Howells, Steve Oliver, Will, Becky, Edward and Carolyn Dorrell at Hoo Farm, Steven Andrew, Christopher Taylor, Davey Sloan, Vicky Garvey, Jon Anslow, Laura Gallen, Joe Shooman, Mandy Odandiee, Kenn Stewart, Karin Stryuk, James Fisher, Jo Bloodworth, Maddie Newbury, Ed Cook, Kevin Burgess, Julian Bennett, Donna Meyer, Mark Darbyshire, Richard Teixeira, Joan O'Mara, Sean O'Mara, Jonathan O'Mara, Sim Burton, Justin Evans, Craig McKay, Anonymous, Andrew Pritchard, Kate Hobbs, David Morgan, Christina Kennedy, Al Puente, Shawn Bonning, Sara Edwards, Kathryn Walsh, Steve Swain, Sarah Zacharek, Jodie Foster, Tapemeasureman, Rhys Perry, Mick Perry, Sarah Wilson, Kat Davies and Michelle Partington.

Better get my head down, there is still a lot to do!

Much love to you all 

Tracey xxx

PS Hoping to have some artwork to show you in the next week or two :)